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Fall 2020 Update

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It has been awhile since our last update. Things seem to get busy and time passes by quickly. Our son, Nic, just returned home from another deployment and it was wonderful to spend some much needed time with him. He is deploying again in November and attending schools and we may not see him again until July 2021. This extended period of not seeing him weighs heavy on our hearts but we are incredibly proud of him and completely excited to witness his life as he lives it. My wife, Amber, has recently become a Licensed Real Estate Agent working with 803 Reality here in Lexington, SC. She is super excited to help Military families find and sell their homes. Amber definitely knows the trial and tribulations of military moves. 

We plan to be hosting our annual Pumpkin Carving Party in October and if any of you are local and would enjoy something for the kids please reach out and let us know you are here. We have food, games and prizes. The party is meant for the children but it always seems to turn into a competition between the men of who has the best pumpkin. 

As far as my art, I have recently completed a US Marshals and new CID print. We love to hear your ideas for new pieces.

We hope everyone's families have been safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish you all well and want to thank you for your business. 

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    Would you consider creating some Corpsman/Medic artwork?

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