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Freedom Service Dogs

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This year has been fun-filled and super busy! We had our last child in the house, Nic, go off to college in New Hampshire so now we are empty nesters and trying to figure out how that works. Our future son-in-law, Shawn, has deployed with the USS Theodore Roosevelt and we will miss him terribly this Holiday Season. Most recently our oldest daughter, Alyse, married her amazing beau, Michael, this past October. 

David was able to create some new works of art and we hope you all have had a chance to see those. He is always working diligently to provide more prints. 

This Christmas we are donating a portion of our sales to Freedom Service Dogs. They train and provide service dogs to Veterans and children. We really enjoyed last year adopting families for Christmas and want to try something different each year. We couldn't do any of it without all of our great customers. Thank you all for such kind words and your service. Please enjoy your time with your family this season, they are truly the only thing that matters.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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