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It Went So Fast!

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Time certainly does fly when you enjoy it. We have been extremely blessed raising this boy and got very lucky with all of our children. I'm not saying there haven't been bumps in the road but I can say with absolute certainty that raising Nic has been nothing but a pleasure. I, as his Mother, have had the best seat in this arena of parenthood. I have witness one of the greatest loves of all time, a Father loving his child. I can't say enough how hard raising children is but I feel if the true, unconditional love is there, no matter what it will work out. I am definitely not going to praise David on his disciplining skills or having the responsibility for Nic not to end up in the emergency room on one of their adventures but I can always agree that the love between David and Nic is monumental.


I am hoping with Nic leaving for College will allow David to have more time to draw and get more works of art on this website. I imagine there will be plenty of whining that Nic is gone. We are very excited for Nic's future and can't wait to see how it all goes. He may have not received the best grades in school and struggled greatly but he remained strong and listened to me when I said it would all work out. I was definitely hoping I wasn't lying. Well, it all ended up perfectly and only Nic is truly responsible for it. All we can do as parents is guide, they have to do the work.  


Here's to the next chapter in life.

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  • Eddie M. on

    Congratulations to you both! Our oldest graduated this year from HS also, and that is the one thing we keep asking ourselves “where did the time go?”. It seems just like yesterday we PCS’d from Germany to Florida and he was starting school, and now he’s done. So we share your feelings!

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