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Paying It Forward

Amber Geig

David Geig Art has adopted three family's for Christmas this year. What this means is, we will be providing their Christmas dinners and gifts for all children under 18 in each family. Our first year as a business has been more than giving and we would like to pay it forward. We picked three family's through Individuals as well as businesses can donate or adopt whole families for the Holidays. In order to make this happen from now until December 8th, 2016 we will be donating 20% of each sale to the fund. We are hoping to have enough left over to purchase gifts for the parents too. We want to give back as much as we can. Please help us support some deserving Service Members and their families this Holiday Season.

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  • Bob Church (LTC, MP, USA [Ret]) on

    Dear SFC Geig:
    My utmost appreciation for your service, and for your accomplishments (as evidenced by your “ribbon rack” and badges. The amount of effort that you have put into your career is astonishing.
    How many years and how many PCS"s until your retirement, or do you plan to serve until you make E-9? For your family’s sake, you could revert back to the USAR to make E-9, and then retire.
    Mrs Geig, I believe that you have one of the hardest jobs in the entire Army family. I can only imagine the stress and toll on the entire family while Dad’s away.
    I began my career in the ARNG, rising to the rank of Spec-4 before I attended ARMG OCS. Commisioned in FA, I transferred to a PSY WAR unit. After being activated by JFK, I decided to stay on AD. Duties thereafter included FA (instructor and Battery Commander, two tours in Viet Nam (as an FA officer, I served as Sr. Advisorto an ARVN Infantry Bn, thus being awarded the CIB. My second tour was as a staff officer in a FA Bn in the big Red One. I later returned to the USAR, working in PSYOP, as a CGSC instructor, and soon thereafter retired. It was while serving as an instructor for the Command & General Staff Officer"s course that I FINALLY smartened up and became an MP, 31A. Proud to be a member of the Corps (not Pres Obama’s version), and I’ve decided that the branch transfer was one of the best things that I have done.
    Got married after leaving AD, and it"s a good thing. My wonderful wife would have been miserable as an active duty wife.
    Enough about me! I just wanted to say how much I admired your artistic talent, and to express my gratitude for the service that you and your family have devoted to our country.
    Regards and appreciation,
    Bob Church.

  • Michele on

    I want to thank the Geig family for sharing themselves with other military families. When I was in the service myself I would do the same…and have anyone to our home for supper who didn’t have anywhere to go. I also wanted to thank Yall for your service…esp. David…and express to David that your skills are beyond awesome. Thank you for becoming a friend on fb and I hope to be able to get one of your artwork soon. Thank you and God bless!!!

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